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These commands apply to TARG, which must be a blackboard object. Blackboard objects have a word list associated with them - this list needs to be set up for each computer object. The current word of a blackboard is always pointed to by the value of ov00. i.e. to point to the word at index 5, set ov00 to 5.

The default word list is in the reference section.

BBD: VOCB bs vs cnt

Set Blackboard Vocabulary. This is used to move words from the game word list into a specific blackboard objects word list.

bs = Start position in blackboard word list,

vs = Start position in game vocabulary list,

cnt = Number of words to copy.

Command only

BBD: VCB1 wi vi

Set BlackBoarD VoCaBulary 1 word. This is used to move a single word from the game word list into a specific blackboard objects word list.

wi = index in blackboard word list,

vi = index in game vocabulary list.

Command only

BBD: WORD index ID [text]

Install a single named word into the blackboards word list.

index is the index in the blackboard word list

ID is the word concept ID number

[text] is the text to be used for the word

Command only


n=0:Wipes text from blackboard

n=1:Draws the current text string text (ov00) onto part 0

Command only


Broadcasts the current word so that nearby creatures can learn the association between text and concept

n=0:The word will be broadcast as if it were read - to creatures that are looking at the blackboard

n>0:The word will be broadcast as an audible lesson - to creatures that are in earshot of the blackboard

Command only

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