Bondi Norn Care Guide


What are Bondi Norns?

Bondi Norns are a lazy beach-bum breed of Norn, but other than that they are very much like other Norn breeds such as the three that come with Creatures 3, or the ChiChi Norns of Docking Station. They aren't quite as different as the Toxic Norns, but they do have a few quirks that should be kept in mind.

The general Bondi Norn attitude is that if you can't have what you want then don't panic about it - they hardly get stressed at all. And unlike their Hardman Norn cousins, they're very docile and would much rather smile than frown and stamp their feet. This deeply relaxed nature seems to apply to their growth patterns too. They take longer to age than other Norns, and generally live longer too.

How long is long - they aren't immortal are they?

No, they aren't immortal but of course they could well mutate over many generations to become immortal. Generally they only live a little bit longer than other Norns, which by default is roughly five and a half game hours. So don't worry, you won't be stuck with a world filled with small furry Methuselahs.

But they do take longer to age?

Yes, as a Norn (or indeed any creature) ages it passes through a number of distinct lifestages. For example, a standard Norn may take twenty minutes to reach adolescence. But a Bondi Norn could well take up to half an hour. It almost seems like their bodies are too lazy to age! But anyhow, who wants to age quickly when you're lazily lying on a beach near a tropical ocean?

Yeah, the Bondi Norn Story mentions oceans too - are Bondi Norns amphibian?

It is true that they evolved near a lot of water, but they aren't exactly frogs. It seems though that they have somehow managed to develop a mutation that allows them to stay in water a bit longer than other Norns. Although this means they won't drown quite as quickly, it does not mean that they'll live happily underwater forever more. If the bubbles start to rise, you know it's time to save your drowning Bondi Norn!

Feeding your Bondi Norns

Generally a Bondi Norn eats much the same kinds of foods as other normal Norns. Bondis don't eat detritus like their Toxic Norn relations - in fact it could make them rather ill. Any food, fruit or seed should be fine. In fact, even their digestive systems are a bit lazy - they take a while to digest food so they don't need to eat food quite as often as other Norns.

But they do have one food-related peculiarity - they gain the same nutrition from eating critters as other Norns get from eating foods like cheese and carrots!

You mean they aren't vegetarian?

That's right, unlike most other Norns the Bondis like nothing more than a good munch on a critter such as a Crobster. They'll happily polish one off in no time, leaving only a few scraps lying around on the floor for their detritus-hungry Toxic Norn friends to gobble up.

What about infections and toxins?

Healthwise the Bondi Norns are relatively normal. They don't have an upside-down biochemistry like the Toxic Norns do. So if these Norns get sick you are advised to follow the advice of the HoverDoc, or pay attention to the medical information you can find by reading the Agent Help text for the Creatures 3 Medical area.

Also, don't forget to feed them some of the super-healthy Docking Station lemons, which contain trace amounts of antigens and antihistamines to help combat coughs and colds.

Breeding your Bondi Norns

If you can manage to stop your Bondi Norns from drowning in the Creatures 3 Marine Terrarium whilst eating Crobsters, and if they age quick enough and reach maturity then you'll be able to breed your Bondi Norns.

Be careful though, as just like other Norns the Bondis breed like rabbits. Soon you'll have so many eggs lying around that you'll exceed the population limits. But don't worry, you can adjust population limits with the Docking Station Options menu (the second one down on the right).

And when I say the eggs will be lying around, I'm not joking. Unlike other Norns they don't feel homesickness when pregnant, so they won't rush back to their homes to lay eggs - they'll just drop them anywhere they feel like it!


Here are a few points for you to keep in mind while taking care of your Bondi Norns:
  • Bondi Norns are relatively normal Norns, and won't need much special attention.
  • They take a while to move up each lifestage, and in general they live longer - but they aren't immortal.
  • They can survive underwater for a few extra moments - but they aren't fish and they will drown if you're not careful.
  • If they are hungry for fat, give them a Crobster to eat. They'll enjoy it as though it was a tasty slab of Cheddar cheese.
  • They don't feel homesickness when pregnant, so they might lay their eggs anywhere. Yes, even there.
  • They might be a bit carefree and lazy, but they're friendly and cute and they need your care and attention.

What do you get in the pack?

  • Bondi Norns - Completely new Norn breed with a unique genome!
  • Didgeridoo - Cool new musical instrument.
  • Beach Ball - Big and bouncy for hours of fun!
  • Crobsters - An edible amphibious critter with a complete life-cycle!
  • Crobster Maker - A connecting device to make new crobsters.

What is so unique about their genome?

Apart from their obviously unique appearance, the Bondi Norns also have a unique set of genetics. Bondi Norns sleep a lot and are generally very laid back. Because of this they have no aggression and they hardly suffer from stress.

These Norns live longer than the average Norn - and they take longer to reach each new lifestage. They don't need to eat as often as other Norns either! And when they do eat they get the same nutrition from eating critters as other Norns get from cheese and carrots!

Due to their carefree lifestyle, female Bondi Norns tend to lay their eggs wherever they please. They don't feel a great need to return home to do so - which is good because the Bondi homeworld isn't particularly easy to get to!