Documentation and Reference

Creatures Village Manual

The Official Creatures Village Manual in PDF format. English only.

imageDownload the manual:

Creatures 3 and DS Keyboard Shortcuts

Some shortcuts to make playing and developing for Creatures a little easier.

imageDownload the manual:

Creatures 2 Manual

The Official Creatures 2 Manual in PDF format. English and Dutch.

imageEnglish Creatures 2 Manual
imageDutch Creatures 2 Manual

Creatures 3 Manual

The Official Creatures 3 Manuals in PDF format. English, Dutch, French and German
imageEnglish Creatures 3 Manual PDF (1.3Mb)
imageFrench Creatures 3 Manual PDF (1.2Mb)
imageDutch Creatures 3 Manual PDF (2Mb)
imageGerman Creatures 3 Manual PDF (1.1Mb)

Docking Station Quick Start PDF

A quick reference guide to the very basics of Docking Station Norn care.

imageDownload the Docking Station Quick Start Guide

Creatures Deluxe Manual

The Official Creatures Deluxe Manual in PDF format.

imageCreatures Deluxe Manual PDF (831Kb)

Docking Station Manual

The Official Docking Station Manual in PDF and .doc formats.
imageDocking Station Manual PDF (1.19Mb)
imageDocking Station Manual Word Doc (3.42Mb)

Creatures 3 Walkthrough

A Quickstart Guide to Creatures 3 in PDF format.

imageDownload the Creatures 3 Walkthrough