Hardman Norn Care Guide

Hardman MaleAre you looking for a bit of advice to help out with your moody Hardman Norns? Well worry no more, this is the place to find information on how to try and keep your Hardman Norns quiet and content.

What are Hardman Norns?

Hardman Norns are living nightmares for the Grendels of Creatures 3. Not only are they more resilient to Grendel attacks and bacterial infections, but they also seem to have a natural inclination to hunt down and attack Grendels without hesitation.

Will they turn the tables on the nasty Grendels?

Yep, and if you're not careful a Hardman Norn can knock your Grendel population all the way back to the surface of Albia! Unlike the Norns from Creatures 3 that come from the Egg Layer, the Hardman Norns evolved from a small group of eggs that had been left inside the Jungle Terrarium, on-board the Shee Ark in an alternate reality. Without any Shee or Hand to take care of them, they were forced to fight the Grendels in order to survive.

Hardy the Grendel Slayer

Gradually over the years natural selection helped make them stronger and more resilient. After many generations these Norns evolved into heroic Grendel slayers who continued to thrive and pass their hardy genes on to the next generation, until eventually the Hardman Norns we know today appeared and were discovered by the rather surprised Lone Shee.

You say they're resilient to bacterial infections too?

Yes, they can recover from bacterial toxin infections much faster than other Norns and will have a stronger immune response afterwards too. This doesn't mean they can't get ill - the toxins still do damage to them (unlike Toxic Norns.) All it means is that they can overcome the illness faster than other Norns. But they can still die if the infection is particularly severe.

Feeding your Hardman Norns

These brawny brutes have surprisingly plain dietary requirements; they eat mainly food, fruit and seeds just like most other Norns. They don't have any genetic instincts encouraging them to eat anything else - they're rather easy to please in this sense. But they might appreciate one or two of the Chilli Peppers that come along with them in the Hardman Norn Pack.

Calm down, calm down!

There is one thing that you might like to feed your Hardman Norns occaisionally, and that is Calm Balm. This potion is the ideal solution for an over-angry Hardman Norn, and will ease their violent thoughts in only moments.

If you keep enough of these potions around, eventually they might even learn to drink it without you having to tell them to. Their brain should be able to work out that since the potion lowers their anger drive, it would be a good thing to eat when angry. But be careful, there are other potions aboard the Ark in Creatures 3 that could possibly pose a danger to any Norn if consumed in mass quantities.

Breeding your Hardman Norns

Hardman Norns are great breeders - and breeding them with your existing Norns is an ideal way to enrich the gene pool with stronger, more robust genes. They should breed well with most other Norn breeds, but because of their enhanced toxin-fighting abilities it may well prove to be a little harder to get success from breeding a Hardman Norn with a Toxic Norn. But that's all part of the Toxic Breeding Challenge, right? Read all about that at the bottom of the Toxic Norn Care Guide.

Another thing worth mentioning about the Hardman Norns is that over the generations they've lost the feeling that the Norn Terrarium is home. A homesick pregnant Hardman Norn won't try and walk to the Creatures 3 Norn Terrarium (or the Docking Station Meso), instead she will only feel safe at home in the Jungle Terrarium. After all, isn't that the best place to teach baby Hardman Norns how to fight Grendels?


Before you go, here's a brief list of the things to keep in mind while caring for Hardman Norns:

  • Hardman Norns are relatively normal Norns, and won't need much special attention - especially because they are so hardy.
  • They will recover faster from toxin infections caused by bacteria, and so should be generally healthier than most other Norns.
  • They have evolved to be masterful Grendel-hunters and they won't hesitate to eliminate the Grendel Menace if left to their own devices.
  • If they get a bit too angry, give them some Calm Balm to settle their raging emotions.
  • When they're pregnant (and thus homesick) they'll want nothing more than to be in the Jungle Terrarium (though they'll call it the Grendel Home).
  • Their hardy genetics can enrich the gene pool of your existing Norn community, except perhaps if that is a Toxic Norn community, of course!