Creatures 1 General Troubleshooting FAQs

Q: Creatures runs, but there is only sound in the introduction. What could be wrong?
A: Either the sound card or the sound card drivers usually cause this. Creatures requires 16bit sound cards and Microsoft DirectX compatible drivers. Please check your hardware specifications in the sound card manual and make sure that your sound card is 16bit, SoundBlaster 16 compatible. Next, you should check your sound card drivers. If these are not 16bit, or are older 16bit drivers that are not DirectX compatible, then you will need to obtain an updated set of drivers. These should be available from your sound card manufacturer, or from several sites on the web.

Q: Where can I obtain new drivers for my soundcard?
: The best place to try is at the manufacture's web site. If you don't know their address, then use one of the many search engines to find the web site of your soundcard manufacturer.

Q: I can not run Creatures full screen. What is wrong?
: You have smooth scrolling enabled. If you switch this off you will be able to run Creatures full screen. Pull down the Camera menu and toggle Smooth Scrolling so that there is not a tick next to it.