Creatures 1 Gameplay FAQs

Q: What is a Wolfing run?
A: A Wolfing Run is where you hatch a bunch of Norns and leave them to their own devices to see how they get on. Results may vary, but you are more likely to get stronger Norns as a result - Norns that can look after themselves and which breed well are usually good survivors.

Q: In the Breeders Kit there is a big red cross over the picture of the Norn, does this mean my Male Norn is infertile?
A: No, it means that your male Norn cannot become pregnant. If you select a female Norn and then click the Breeders Kit you'll see that there is no big red cross there. The picture of the Norn (where the red cross is placed) shows how advanced the pregnancy is.

Q: Where do Grendels come from?
: Grendels are tree-loving animals, in fact they live in the trees just above the submarine cave. If you ever find yourself up there then look closely at the tress - you may notice the Grendel incubator hanging down from one of them. If you are lucky, though this is rarely seen, you may see a Grendel egg drop out from there.

I need help with my Norns, is there a document I could download?
A: Yes. Have a look at the [url=../c1_downloads/c1_documents.htm]Complete Guide to Creatures[/url] for some good advice about general Norn keeping and a few handy tips. Q: How long will my Norns live?
A: The average life span of a Norn is about 10 gaming hours. However because Norns can evolve, it is possible to breed Norns with longer life spans.

Q: What happens if all my Norns die?
A: Creatures includes an emergency kit for this very reason. This will provide you with some new Norns to play with. You could also download Norns from the Norn Download Centre to import into your world.

There are many herbs in the world - how do I identify them?
A: Look in the Creatures Help Section under Help Topics / Contents / Albia - the Creatures World / Herbs in the World.