Creatures 2 General FAQs

Q: Where can I buy Creatures 2 in my country?
A: It's rather unlikely that you'd find Creatures 2 for sale anywhere as the title is currently dicontinued, however, Gameware may be releasing the title at some point, so please keep an eye on the website for additional information.

Q: Can I still use my old Norns from the original Creatures?
A: Yes. There is a converter that will do its best to convert Creatures 1 Norns to a Creatures 2 genetic format.

Q: For what age range is Creatures 2 suitable?
A: Aged 10 and upwards. The nature of the product means that different people find different ways of enjoying it.

Q: Are the creatures actually alive?
A: This is a matter of great debate! Their behaviour is not programmed, and they are based on real life. They have their own Digital DNA, biochemistry and complex biologically-inspired brains. As to whether they are alive, it is something for you to decide yourself once you've interacted with them!

Q: Do they really think and communicate?
A: Yes. They can talk to you, and each other, and you can talk to them too - so long as you have taught them the words.

Q: What happens when Norns die?

A: When Norns experience brain death, they die and cannot be recovered. It is possible to store some words and a picture to go with them so that you can remember the ones that have passed away.

Q: Are there be add-ons available for Creatures 2?
A: Certainly! You'll find a number of free object packs in the downloads section.