Creatures 3 Gameplay FAQs

Q: Can the ship "die"? What do I do if it does?
The ship itself metabolises matter from outside the space ship, meaning it does not require caring for or feeding. Some of the machinery in the ship drains the bioenergy of the ship, but not to the point where the ship is incapable of functioning ... if there is not enough energy then the machinery will not work. The ship will never allow itself to be depleted to the point where it stops functioning. The bioenergy will naturally be restored with time, while the ship performs its functions, but can be increased by the player by recycling some of the items within the ship (for example: plants, seeds, animals or even creatures) .

Q: Are there any effects from space on the game? Is there an air lock?
There are 2 airlocks and you could, for example, lure a Grendel there with a smell emitting machine. As for what will happen to him once you open the door, well, you'll just have to find out!

Q: How do the animals interact with each other?

A good example is the Grazers in the Norn Terrarium. The Gosh Hawk eats the Grazers, while the Grazers depend upon the leaves of plants for their sustenance. The plants in the Terrarium require nutrients from the soil as well as light and heat. So, just like in our world, there's an interconnectedness upon which everything depends!

Q: If you really don't want some of the nastier aspects of the game (e.g.; piranha fish) can you take them out?
Currently, the game is designed so that you have a number of areas in which to play. If you prefer a safe environment for your Norns, you are encouraged to keep them confined to the Norn Terrarium. However, it's very likely that experienced community members will create COBs that will remove species from the environment. Be careful! Even though a lot of the animals and plants in the game could be completely removed if you desired and were persistent, this may have adverse effects on more beneficial animals and plants and upset the natural balance of the environment.

Q: What's with the volcano? Won't the boulders squish the Norns? Does it have any affect on the desert?

The volcano's boulders do not squish the Norns, but they are very hot indeed, and emit a great deal of heat as well. This has an effect on the desert ecosystem, as you might imagine. As usual, it's a great example of Shee mental processes: "The Ettins have been complaining about the cold again. Gosh, volcanoes are rather hot. How about we put one of them on the ship. That should warm it up, what? Jolly good!"

Q: Is there rain and thunder?

In one of their more practical moments, the Shee did come up with a rather more clever design for watering the environments and so there is an advanced sprinkler system, customised for each terrarium.

Q: What about visible seasons and changes from night to day?

Each terrarium is an independent ecosystem with its own climate and seasonal cycle, however all the creatures on the ship come from subtropical Albia, and require something like that familiar environment in which to live. Think of the weather in California and throw a tropical rain forest where Disneyland should be and you have it just about right. Also, the ship is in space. There is no night and day!
The technical answer: It is possible to create a 2D game in which the seasons change and night and day are visually different and we did this with Creatures Adventures, our game for a younger audience. However, this requires a great deal more in the way of graphic assets, which in turn take up large amounts of disk space. Creatures is a complex product with a large number of graphics for both backgrounds and sprites and therefore requires a large amount of disk space as it is. Adding day and night alone would increase the install footprint to over 600Mb even with compression! We did not want to compromise the size of the world or the number of creatures in it by including additional art just for a graphic effect. We were also aware that to look right, the ambient light in the environment would also need to change, something that is impractical with a 2D product.

Q: How do we know what objects to build, how to build them and what order to build them in? The whole thing sounds mighty confusing.

There's no specific requirement to build objects. The facility is included for those who enjoy this aspect of the game. Each item has extensive help accessible in game, so you can see how to put machines together. Then you're on your own! You can create all kinds of machines and we'll be providing additional hints and tips as we go along to allow you to further enhance your game should you desire. There is also the ability to take the blueprint of machinery that someone else has constructed, pop it into a creator machine and produce the components you need. You can then wire it up using the description on the blueprint. You can then exchange these blueprints with your friends!

Q: Is it possible to genetically manipulate the Norns or animals inside the game itself?

Not from within the game. You will need a separate Genetics Kit that will be available shortly after release.

Q: I've heard that there are no applets in the game. Is that true?

It's true, all of the kits have now been moved to objects within the game. Major improvements to the engine has allowed this and will make the kits easier to use as well as allow third party developers to build their own kits.

Q: My screen is small with "AutoKill" on the frame, I am unable to scroll around the game world. How do I get back to full screen mode?

Sometimes the screen will switch into 'windowed' mode, don't panic, you can scroll around in windowed mode by using the cursor control keys, you can also switch back to full screen mode by holding down Shift+Alt and then pressing the Return or Enter key.