Creatures Mythology

The Docking Station Story

The Docking Station Story follows the travels, trials and tribulations of the endearing Lone Shee - the creator of Docking Station's Capillata. Read on to find out more about the Lone Shee and his adventures with the Warp and his pet Norns.

Who are the Shee?

Ever since Creatures was launched in 1996, people have wondered about the Shee - the creators of the Norns and the other creatures in the game. A certain mystique has shrouded them - what did they look like, how were they able to perform such complex genetic engineering experiments and where have they disappeared to? All that remains are their fantastic inventions, some ancient documents and the statue in the underground laboratories. But does the awesome Shee statue really look like the Shee or did they mold an image that they wanted to be remembered by?

The Last Shee on Albia

A little back story leading up to the release of Creatures Docking Station. This tells the story of the Last Shee left on Albia (and how the Creatures 2 volcano exploded).

The Magma Norn Story

The Magmas are a fiery breed and the last saved from Albia. Sound like an exciting story? Perhaps you should read on!

The Bondi Norn Story

Heaven is the azure seas of this alternative Albia that was the birthplace of the playful Bondi Norns.

The Toxic Norn Story

Toxics are norns only a mother could love. It's no surprise considering the world they hail from.

The Hardman Norn Story

If it weren't for our lone Shee, the Hardman Norns would still be fighting amogst themselves!

The Treehugger Norn Story

It's amazing what you find when you warp off somewhere exotic. Just a single hop and voila! A whole new breed!

The Zebra Norn Story

Where did those lovely Zebra Norns come from? How were they created?

The Astro Norn Story

Are the Astro Norns invaders from another galaxy? Or just a slip of the genetic screwdriver?

The Harlequin Norn Story

Such funny little things. Whatever was their creator thinking?

The Fallow Norn Story

The Fallow Norns are gentle and docile, but where did they come from?

The Siamese Norn Story

They may love to be petted and groomed, but Siamese Norns are not just for Christmas!

The Planet Albia

Albia is an astronomical oddity. This article describes the planet and its place in its galaxy.

Albian Geography and Climate

The world that houses the Norns in Creatures 1 and 2 is quite unique with a rather unusual geography. Read more about the planet and its weather.

Mythology behind Creatures

Here's a fascinating look at the mythology behind Creatures. It explores the world that Steve Grand (the original designer of Creatures and former Technology Director at CyberLife Technology Ltd.) created for his Norns to live in - a world that was steeped in mystery and history.