The Technology behind Creatures

Norn Biochemistry 101: A peek inside a Norn

An introduction to Norn Biochemistry. If you're wondering how to best take care of your Norns, this is the definitive reference! This article refers equally to Creatures 2 and 3 so, get reading!

What is Creature Labs' CyberLife?

What is all this about CyberLife (the technology behind Creatures) and the science of Creatures? Steve Grand, former Technology Director and the "Father" of our furry friends, explains the Philosophy and History of Artificial Life - Creature Labs style.

C2 Ecology in a Nutshell

A complete rundown of Albia's ecology, post-volcanic eruption!

Introduction to the Genetics in Creatures 2

This introduction to the genetics in Creatures 2 may encourage you to take a closer look at the genes that control each aspect of a creature's biology - its pigmentation, biochemistry, gaits, instincts and brain structure.

Understanding Norn Biochemistry (Creatures 2)

An introduction to Norn biochemistry with an explanation of what happens in each organ - we'll leave a discussion of the reproductive and immune systems for another day. In this article, we concentrate on digestion and keeping your Norns full of boundless energy.

The Music Behind Creatures

Have you ever stopped and wondered how the music in Creatures 2 is generated? You may have noticed that the soundtrack varies from scene to scene, altering as the mood changes. Here, we give you an insight into the music and how the various effects were created.

Norn Babblings

How the Norn language was developed, revealing all - except the boring mathematics!