Treehugger Norn Care Guide

TreehuggerPerhaps the leaf-covered, nature-loving Treehugger Norns seem slightly too fragile. Or maybe you just need a few hints and tips to help you take better care of them. Whatever the reason, this is the place with the information you need.

What are Treehugger Norns?

Treehuggers are children of Nature and great lovers of the many plants, animals and insects you can find aboard the Creatures 3 Ark and the Docking Station Capillata. They evolved on a world filled with forests, without any interference from Grendels or other nasties. Because of this, they might find life aboard a starship quite difficult.

They don't have the warrior spirit of their Hardman Norn cousins, which means they might find themselves in more than just a bit of trouble if they were ever to meet a bloodthirsty Grendel. Lucky for them that the Treehugger Norn Pack features a teleporter - the ideal escape route in times of distress.

Panacea with Panatreea

If you do find the Treehuggers to be a little too fragile, especially if they get sick, then your best option would be to instruct them to drink from a bottle of Panatreea Potion.

Perhaps due to an uncanny intergalactic linguistic coincidence, the name of the potion almost describes what it is best used for - a complete panacea for an ailing Treehugger Norn.

Do they hug trees too?

Well, not exactly. Though they were definitely rather fond of their treehouse back on their home world, they can't actually hug anything in Creatures 3 or Docking Station. That's because hug isn't actually an action a creature can do. Instead, they can only push and pull things - but they like doing that more than other Norns do!

Feeding your Treehuggers

Treehuggers have relatively normal eating habits - they love food, fruit and seeds like the average Norn does. But though they enjoy eating food, they don't gain as much fat from food as other Norns do. Instead, they need to eat edible plants and seeds in order to get the fat they need to survive.

Quirky Cookies

Also included in the Treehugger Norn Pack is the fantastic Quirky Cookie Machine. This gadget allows you to make edible "Quirky Cookies" using ingredients found all over Creatures 3 or Docking Station.

Many Creatures Community members have already produced their own Quirky Cookie recipes which you can find on their websites.

What about infections and toxins?

Treehugger Norns developed in a Grendel-free world, and thus they aren't quite as tough-skinned as a relatively normal Norn - they might get rather badly hurt from attacks. They're also more susceptible to diseases, so you'll have to pay particular care to ensure they don't get ill.

But they don't have an upside-down biochemistry like the Toxic Norns do. So if these Norns get sick you are advised to follow the advice of the HoverDoc, or pay attention to the medical information you can find by reading the Agent Help text for the Creatures 3 Medical area.

Also, don't forget to feed them some of the super-healthy Docking Station lemons, which contain trace amounts of antigens and antihistamines to help combat coughs and colds. And of course, there is always the Panatreea Potion!

Breeding your Treehugger Norns

These Norns should have no major problems when breeding with most other Norns, except maybe the Toxic Norns of course.

Like the Bondi Norns, Treehuggers don't feel homesick when pregnant, so will lay their eggs almost anywhere. But like the seeds of the trees from their home world, the eggs of Treehugger Norns take longer to mature inside a female Treehugger Norn. So don't worry if it seems that it is taking longer for a pregnant Treehugger Norn to lay her egg - it just needs a little bit more time to develop before it can face the big wide world.


Just in case you read all that, but still managed to miss the major points, here they all are:
  • Treehugger Norns are relatively normal and don't need that much special care and attention.
  • These Norns love Nature, and like nothing more than a walk in the woods or to be surrounded by plants, animals and insects.
  • They're not Hardman Norns, and in fact they're even more fragile than normal Norns - making them the ideal pets for the mollycoddlers amongst us.
  • When they need fat, give them some edible plants - they don't get much fat from normal food like other Norns do.
  • If they seem a bit low, give them a sip of Panatreea potion. This should cure most of their ills and set them back on track again.
  • Their leaf-covered bodies will bring greenery to even the most barren places, but remember to water them regularly and keep them out of direct sunlight! (Kidding!)