Creatures 1 Downloads

Creatures 1 Life Kit 1

The very first Life Kit was a great compilation of all the best Creatures 1 add-ons.

Creatures 1 Christmas pack 2

Some more seasonal agents to cheer up your Norns in Creatures 1.

Creatures 1 Christmas Pack 1

Have your Norns been good this year? Treat them to some holiday goodies.

Creatures 1 Submarine Update

This file remedies a small defect in a number of AMC Class 2 submarines that leads them to take on water and sink.

Creatures 1 Observation Kit

This Applet shows details of all of your Norns in one easy to see list. Options allow you to set alarms for when Norns become ill, or pregnant.

Creatures 1 Object Pack 2

This is the second CyberLife Object Pack. It contains the Cave Fly, the Butterflies, Coconuts, a Teddy Bear and more.

Creatures 1 Object Pack 1

This is the first CyberLife Object Pack and contains - Smashing Jugs, Honey Jars, The Carrot Variant and the famous Albia Carrot Beetle.

Creatures 1 Object Injector

This is the latest version of the Creatures Object Injector (also referred to as an Agent Injector).

Creatures 1 - Hatchery Update

If you are still accessing your eggs from a floppy disk this update is for you. This utility will install your egg disk onto your hard drive.

Creatures 1 Windows NT Install patch

This file allows you to install Creatures (original) onto Windows NT

Creatures 1.04 Update

This file is a maintenance update which resolves some minor graphical problems.

Creatures 1.02 Update

This is an Updated version of Creatures 1 including NT4.0 compatibility and Microsoft Internet Explorer V4 compatibility.

C1 Norn Download Centre

A selection of C1 Norns for download, including the Purple Mountain Norns.