Creatures 3 Downloads

Magma Norns

These fiery red Norns could previously only be found in Creatures Internet Edition! They come with a unique genome - they love heat, and they really enjoy being in hot and dry areas like the Desert Terrarium on the Creatures 3 Shee Ark.

imageDownload for PC:MagmaNorns.exe (4.26 Mb self-installing exe)
imageDownload for Linux:MagmaNorns.agent (4.26 Mb agents file - place this file in your "My Agents" folder)

Creatures 3 Yule Pack

A very happy holiday season to you and your Norns! Download this Christmas pack full of exciting goodies.

Creatures 3 Grettin Switch

This agent allows you to control the operation of the Grendel and Ettin egg layers.

Creatures 3 BioPellets

This agent makes it easier to increase the bioenergy of the ship and so makes it easier to create new agents from the Creator or replicate existing agents using the Replicator. Each pellet will add 100 bioenergy when recycled.

Creatures 3 Update

The latest update to Creatures 3, incorporating both the 1st and 2nd updates.