Creatures 1 Knowledgebase

Creatures 1 Norn is 'unregistered' when exported and then re-imported.

A customer explained that whenever she exported and then re-imported a Norn, the details for the Norn in the Owners Kit would appear as 'Unregistered'.

Creatures 1 will not install onto Windows 2000.

By default original 'Warner' released copies of Creatures 1 do not install onto Windows 2000.

Creatures 1 Life Kit Crystal balls don't seem to work.

Customer experienced problems with the Creatures 1 Life Kit, explaining that he could not find a way for the Crystal Ball to work.

Cannot install the Creatures 1 - 1.02 update

When installing the Creatures 1 - 1.02 update a message appears on the installer which says that it is failing to find files or move files.

C1 - Genetics Kit Installation Error - 'The Registy may be corrupt or you may not have sufficient permissions to alter it'.

When trying to install the Creatures 1 Genetics Kit, a customer experienced an error which would not allow him to install the software.

Creatures 1 overwrites over a previous installation

Can Creatures be re-installed whilst retaining a previous version of the game?

Creatures 1 Support on the Mac

Creatures does not work properly when used on Mac OS 8.0 or above.

Un-named organs in Norns.

This customer noticed that some of the organs in the science kit applet are recorded as “un-named” and wondered why this was the case.

Can't play Intro or Tutorial

Once Creatures is installed, the user is able to load and run the program successfully but cannot run the tutorial or introduction. The intro sequence runs initially but tutorial opens in a small window.