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Creatures 2 shows DDERR_INVALIDPIXELFORMAT errors on start-up.

An error was detected during Creatures 2 startup

Creatures 2 does not load when launched and the following error message appears onscreen: "An error was detected during start up. Creatures 2 may not function correctly. Please restart your machine and try again". Restarting the machine seems to have no extra benefit.

Long lived game world causes errors.

One customer experienced a problem where her female Norns could not become impregnated after the game world was over four years old. An error message was experienced at some point, "An error occured in the sharing process during access to Albia.sfc." Another error said: "An error has occured while storing world data".

Touched egg from splicing machine will not hatch in the wild

An egg is produced after being genetically spliced but after touching the egg it will not hatch. It cannot be picked up and placed in the incubator and cannot be discarded.

Why does the Chronicles kit list Creatures that have been spliced as still in the world when they are not?

Why do the Chronicles list Creatures that have been in the gene splicer as still in the world when they are not?

Norn slots and making Norns.

A third party developer interested in making Norns for the Creatures 2 game asked for clarification of the Norn slots and wanted to know if any Norn could be 'overwritten'.

Creatures 2 experiences problems when GoZilla is running.

A customer experienced intermittent problems with Creatures 2.

When using the Norn Converter, does it use the most up to date genome?

A customer wanted to know if the Norn converter used the most up to date genome when converting Norns from Creatures 1.

Can you take toys and items from one scene into another?

A customer wrote in asking if it was possible to take toys from one room into another.

When I make a Creatures 2 Geat Creature with the Genetics Kit, it crashes the game.

Some advanced users of the Genetics Kit noticed that an extra creature slot was available which allowed them to make a species called "Geat".This was a design decision to remove the previous option called, "Shee".

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