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Cannot create update patch

User got the following error when trying to update Creatures 3 with Update 2: "cannot create update patch".

Cannot turn music off in Windows 2000

A customer explained that she could not turn off the Creatures 3 background music even when clicking the button in the control panel.

Multiple Births in Creatures 3

Many people have asked if multiple births are possible in Creatures 3, here are the details.

Cannot access Help files in the CAOS Editor.

When running the Creatures 3 CAOS Editor for the first time, customers get the following error message."No existing documentation on disk, and failed to access the game to get latest documentation"."C:Program FilesC3CAOSCAOS Help Alphabetical.html"

Norn won't learn the word 'gadget'

A Norn in Creatures 3 was reluctant to say that word 'gadget', it was duplicated once in house with a Norn.

Creatures 3 Genetics Kit will not load previously made genomes with captions.

Somtimes when loading a genome, the captions do not load in at the same time.

German Creator contains fewer agents than UK version.

The original German version of Creatures 3 had several agents missing from the Creator machine. The creator-de.agents file was smaller and did not have the extra agents inside.

C3 Genetics Kit has a 900 gene limit.

The genetics kit for the newly released Creatures 3 only allowed for 900 genes in Norns.

Dragon fly nympa die out in Grendel terrarium

Dragon fly nymph die out quickly in the Grendel terrarium.

Eco system dies out when dragon flies don't mate.

A customer noticed that the eco system becomes unbalanced when the dragon flies don't mate.

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