Creatures Adventures and Playground Knowledgebase

Creatures Adventures crashes after 5 minutes.

Creatures Adventures crashes out after 1 - 5 minutes with the following error message:"EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION The thread attempted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access. Contained in: “CompressedBitmap::Recolour” in CompressedBitmap.obj"

Creatures Adventures runs slowly on AMD K6 machines.

Many customers have experienced very slow performance with their Creatures Adventures games when running on AMD K6 equipped machine.

Problems with the parent controls - not able to change the times.

A customer had a problem amending the times that had been set in the parental controls.

I get a blank screen when I use Alt+Tab. Has the game crashed?

If you use the Alt+Tab combination to swap between windows and then select to go back into Creatures 3 or Creatures Adventures, it may sometimes simply be a blank black screen.

How do I breed more Norns or make my own for Creatures Adventures?

How do I breed more Norns and how do I make my own Norns for Creatures Adventures?

I could not install Creatures Adventures - error message read "Failure to initialise DirectX".

A customer found that they could not install Creatures Adventures onto thier PC. The other error message they received was "ISDX_ERR_INTERNAL".