As the internet enables direct to consumer engagement via multiple platforms including TV our interest is in delivering appropriate products to capitalise upon mass market consumer engagement globally. We also seek to maintain awareness across our brands via third party licensing and digital distribution to support commercial interests.

Gameware has over 30 years experience in the computer games industry.  Our mantra is to engage with proven leading edge technologies such as augmented reality and A-Life across multiple platforms to deliver compelling entertainment products for mobile, PC and TV.  

We own historic Intellectual Property in the classic ‘James Pond’ and ‘Creature’s computer games and the relatively new ‘Creebies’ product. We can licence and re-engineer existing products and technologies and also provide a turnkey resource from design to delivery of bespoke interactive digital entertainment products. Gameware Europe was established in 2001 and is highly experienced at bringing brilliant teams together  for project delivery – from design to completion – from app development to TV production.

Cambridge boasts the strongest Game development cluster in Europe with over 1000 games industry professionals employed at leading studios SCEE, Jagex, Ninja Theory and Frontier to CU spin –outs such as Geomerics and a growing number of indie PC and app developers. Gameware only employs highly experienced contractors and our core Production team has won many awards such as “The International Prix jeunesse” and a BAFTA nomination for work on the highly regarded mixed reality CBBC gameshow ‘Bamzooki’.

We are excited about engaging consumers directly in community creation and broadcast of user generated digital content for broadband broadcast via TV, PC and mobile platforms and keen to work on projects that push the creative boundaries within viable technical constraints. We are conscious of deeper opportunities on dedicated platforms. Our vision is to create compelling products that co-exist independently on each platform whilst together providing a broader, deeper and more engaging consumer experience.

Mobile Development

Gameware has worked with some of the world’s largest mobile manufacturers and we possess deep technological and creative know-how in the design and delivery of mobile entertainment products. Our Creebies product was originally developed as a first party product for Nokia – addressing the 12-18 female casual gamer audience. The development team also worked on Yamake for Nokia – a leading edge user generated content product that became a victim of Nokia abandonment of first party development strategy subsequent to the success of iPhone.

The success of iPhone has dramatically changed the mobile landscape with Nokia now eclipsed and the battle for touch screen smartphone and tablet device supremacy now raging between the superpowers at Apple and Google. As the market for dedicated game devices looks increasingly shaky the Tablet market has emerged as a target platform for traditional computer game Developers/Publishers. The thorny issue of viable commercial models for AAA game products still being debated vociferously by incumbent platform owners.
Having developed our own high-performance 3D renderer and game engine and as pioneers in the field of mobile augmented reality entertainment our mobile applications can add considerable value to any product proposition, from new IPs to existing entertainment products just now emerging into the world of online digital interactivity.


Gameware's team has extensive experience of games development on a wide range of platforms and devices. Well-known as the creators of Creatures, the ground-breaking artificial life simulation title, our core team members have brought some of the world's most unique and innovative gaming ideas to the market.

We specialise in open-ended, adaptive and deep entertainment experiences, which allow for highly creative play patterns and user-generated content. Many of our titles are complimented by a wide range of modding tools and after-market add-ons, extending the playing experience almost indefinitely.