First released in 1996, the Creatures series has sold more than two million boxed copies worldwide.

We've all heard of artificial intelligence – Creatures is artificial life.

The dream that computers could become conscious remains science fiction... for now!

All of the computing power on the planet seems unable to find that elusive property - self-awareness.
Indeed, biological systems are the only systems on Earth which exhibit the adaptability and flexibility necessary to be deemed self aware.

It makes sense, therefore, to turn to nature for AI answers, as it has had nearly 3.5 billion years to iron out the bugs.

Creatures models real biological systems inside your computer.
They come complete with their own biochemistry, brains, digital DNA, and an environment in which to live.

None of the behaviour you see has been specifically programmed. The Creatures make their own choices, and learn from their mistakes.

You guide them through their lives, helping them through the bad patches and enjoying the good times.
When they become adults, your Creatures can mate, and their children have their own unique genetic material.

The possibilities are boundless.
Creatures is all about Artificial Life

Everything from their poses to the individual chemical reactions inside their bloodstream are genetically specified.
A tenth generation creature could possibly be considerably more intelligent than those you start with.

Creatures live in their own world, called Albia.
Albia is a huge world, it contains many exciting places to visit, and many dangers.
The Creatures you hatch are from the species known as Norns.

Norns are a friendly, curious, social species; eager to learn and experience life to the fullest. Grendels live in the trees, with different genetic material; they are violent, steal food and carry diseases.

Above all, Creatures is for your enjoyment. You can become as involved as you want, the ultimate aim being to breed Norns through multiple generations. You may be the parent of the first super intelligent Norn!

By modelling the building blocks of life, we believe it is possible to recreate life-like behaviours inside a digital device.
In December 2021 we launched the entire Creatures product range on to the Steam platform
From the original Creatures, released in 1996 to Creatures Docking Station, we've been releasing the Norns, Ettins and Grendels of Albia to the world, where they've charmed players of all ages and introduced countless to the wonders of Artificial Life, genetics, biochemistry and programming through Creatures' unique and advanced technology and engaging gameplay.

In December 2021 we launched the entire Creatures product range on to the Steam platform in partnership with Critter Consortium.

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Creatures is available on STEAM

Creatures: The Albian Years, Creatures Village, Creatures Docking Station are all on STEAM now, published by the Critter Consortium.