Pioneering 3D model acquisition and reconstruction from Smartphones
REPLICATE was an three year 2016 – 2019 EU3m H2020 project that assembled a team of research institutions, and SMEs involved in development of emerging technologies for creative digital representation of the real world.
This photogrammetry project used Smartphones and their sensors to capture images and generate 3D reconstructions of objects and their surroundings via visual, tactile and haptic user interfaces.

The REPLICATE platform was intended to employ emerging mobile devices for the development of a ubiquitous and intuitive platform to create real-world-derived digital assets, implemented in a co-operative environment where human inspiration can be harnessed utilizing Augmented Reality/MR/VR.

Gameware was a work package leader in this project and took responsibility for the project website, asset repository, generation and distribution of 3D models in a range of formats and the “co-creative space” VR functionality.
GWE also set up an Industry Advisory Board who were kept informed as to project progress and provided useful feedback.
Create models yourself or collaborate with others and see the reconstructions evolve
The REPLICATE consortium is made of seven partners
(one university, three specialized research institute and three companies), in five countries.

The project is Co-funded by the European Union
H2020-ICT-2015 (ICT-19-2015)
Technologies for creative industries, social media and convergence

(Project 687757)

Advanced components for multimedia applications and games
RAGE, Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system, aims to develop, transform and enrich advanced technologies from the leisure games industry into self-contained gaming assets that support game studios at developing applied games easier, faster and more cost-effectively.

RAGE was a four year 2015 -2019 H2020 EU 9m project.

GWE was one of 18 collaborative partners in the project and were tasked with developing training tools for police officers. Policia Judiciaria – the national Portuguese police force became the client and together we developed our 3D avatar system to provide a PC based interview skills training application for police officers’ involved in cases of serious violent and sexual crime.

Within the project GWE also developed a business skills training application for tertiary level students studying in the creative arts and game development sectors in conjunction with Hull School of Art.
RAGE involved 18 collaborative partners across the EU.

This project has received funding from the
European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

(Project 644187)


Intelligent Verification/Validation for Extended Reality Based Systems

Intelligent Verification/Validation for Extended Reality Based Systems
The iv4XR project is a three year EU3m H2020 project that runs from October 2019 until December 2022 – four Universities and three SME’s.
The project seeks to deliver Auto testing tools that enable bot testing of Mixed reality environments as follows:
OBJECTIVE 1: to develop an intelligent multi-agent based verification approach, suitably scalable to handle XR based systems.
OBJECTIVE 2: to develop a well founded computational approach to appraise the human emotions that would be induced by a series of interactions with a target XR system, hence enabling automated, systematic, and cost-effective assessment of the system UX qualities.
OBJECTIVE 3: to deliver an open multi agent verification technology framework for XR based systems.

Each of the three SME’s within the project have developed testbeds that are integrated with the iv4XR tools in order to test the various feature sets within the parameters of the test application.
GWE have provided a BIM compliant sensor monitoring testbed and are also contributing strongly within the Marketing and Dissemination Work Package.